I'm Too Young for This Sh&t!

How Old Were You When You Started HRT / TRT Testosterone Replacement?

I'm Too Young for This Sh&t!I have three more weeks until my “last test”. I told my doctor I’d give it six months to correct itself and so far, after several tests, it hasn’t. I’m going to get back into the gym serious for the next couple of weeks, take my zinc, get plenty of rest, make sure I have some decent sex… basically all the stuff you’re supposed to do to “naturally” increase your testosterone levels. If I’m still under 400 (have been between 200-300 on a scale of 1100 with 350+ being normal – but don’t quote me on those scales, they’re from memory, which is increasingly poor these days) then screw it… I’m going on HRT for life. But is 33 years old too young for PERMANENT TRT? Has anyone been on replacement level testosterone therapy for more than, say, 20 years? I’m facing 40 or so years of it!!!! I would think the long-term risks are much worse than the typical bodybuilder doing cycles at low doses, or someone who starts HRT at 50 or 60+ years of age.

But I don’t know. You tell me….
How old were you when you started hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and how long have you been on?

PS: I had a friend ask me if I had cancer today. He said “Man, every time I see you it seems like you’ve lost another five pounds. You look like you’re wasting away. You’d tell me if you had cancer or something right?” Well, that’s about the end of the line for me folks. If people think I look so bad that I have cancer, maybe I need to suck it up and just start taking the shots or gel again.