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10 TRT Side Effects to Talk to Your Doctor About

While TRT can be an effective treatment for men with low testosterone, there are several potential side effects and risks that your doctor may not have fully explained to you. Here are ten things you should know about testosterone replacement therapy:

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HGH Vs Testosterone for Male Hormone Replacement Therapy

Two of the most commonly prescribed hormones for male HRT are human growth hormone (HGH) and testosterone. In this article, we will discuss the differences between HGH and testosterone therapy, compare their risks and side effects, and explore whether taking both may be beneficial for some individuals. Human Growth Hormone Therapy HGH is a hormone […]

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What Causes Low-T? Why Do I Have Low Testosterone?

In this article, we will explore the potential causes of low testosterone, ranging from genetic factors to environmental influences and lifestyle choices. Age Testosterone levels naturally decline as men age. Studies have shown that testosterone levels decrease by approximately 1% per year after the age of 30. This gradual decline is a normal part of […]

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A Testosterone Pellet Patient’s Review

I’ve tried it all: Gels, shots and pills. The gel was terrible. The pills will destroy your liver. The shots were OK for the first five years, but the weekly (or bi-weekly if you want to avoid the peaks and valleys) testosterone shots got old after awhile. Switching between shoulders, thighs and gluts each week […]

Sprinting to Boost Testosterone

Research has shown that short, intense workouts like sprinting can significantly impact muscle mass and hormone production, particularly when compared to long-distance running. Here we explore the science behind sprinting and testosterone production, providing you with valuable insights on how to optimize your workouts for maximum hormonal benefits.

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What to Do About High Red Blood Cell Count while on TRT

Testosterone replacement therapy can increase hemoglobin and hematocrit production beyond normal/safe levels, a condition known clinically as polycythemia. If you are on TRT it is important to be regularly tested for this condition, as it may increase the risk of thrombosis and stroke. Hemoglobin is an iron-containing biomolecule that can bind oxygen, and is responsible […]

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A Reply to My Friend Who Asked About Testosterone Therapy

A friend recently found out that I was on testosterone replacement and wanted to ask about the therapy. Here is my reply, which I thought I’d share with others who may want an honest opinion about it. T, Sure we can talk about testosterone replacement any time, but I wouldn’t advise it unless you really […]

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Does TRT Improve Sex Drive?

As any guy who has been struggling with low T for a long time will tell you, the difference testosterone makes for your sex drive is profound. I’m just happy that my mojo is back. Over the years I’ve heard some great stories by people who profess that testosterone replacement has replenished their sex drive, […]

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No News is Good News RE: Testosterone Replacement Therapy Update

I just had my testosterone levels checked again and am at 1,151 Total. I’ve seen “normal range” scales say different things, usually from about 240 – 250 on the low end to anywhere from 800 – 1,080 on the high end. I like to be on the high end most of the time, but will […]