Drawing oil for a testosterone injection

TRT Dosage Calculator

Use the calculator below to easily figure out how much to draw for each injection based on the number of injections per week, the strength of the testosterone oil, and your desired dosage. This could be used as a steroid calculator or for testosterone replacement therapy. Testosterone Injection Amount Calculator Desired dose (mg per week): […]

Testosterone injection needle

The Half Lives of Different Forms of Testosterone

The following table lists the half-life of the most popular forms of testosterone used in testosterone replacement therapy from longest to shortest. Form of Testosterone Half-Life Testosterone cypionate 8 days Testosterone enanthate 4.5 days Testosterone undecanoate 20 days Testosterone propionate 2 days Testosterone gel (transdermal) 2-4 hours Testosterone patches (transdermal) 24 hours Testosterone pellets (implanted […]

Stockpiling Testosterone and Thyroid Medications

I’m the type that plans for the worst and hopes for the best. We have a pantry full of canned food from the garden, a gas generator for power outages, and long-term supply of clean drinking water and several first-aid kits throughout the house. That’s why I read this blog, which inspired me to write […]

DIY Testosterone Injection

502 – My Lucky Number

After one month of testosterone injections of 100mg per week (.5 mil of 200mg/mil injectable oil) using testosterone enanthate my test levels are at 502. I wanted to take what was prescribed for awhile to see where that would put me. This was also near the end of the week so I’m guessing that is […]

Who Might Know More About HRT Than Your Doctor? Hint: Big Biceps & Speedos

When it comes to diagnosing and treating any hormone deficiency – including testosterone, growth hormone and thyroid – your doctor should be the first stop. A primary care physician may run some tests, but eventually he or she will probably send you to an endocrine specialist (endocrinologist). The primary care doctor needs to know a […]

Menopur - An alternative to TRT for men with secondary hypogonadism?

Two Alternatives to TRT for Secondary Hypogonadal Men

If one of the two above alternatives to permanent testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) works for me I’ll let you know, at which point I’ll probably give up the blog. If neither works, I will resign myself to a life of testosterone injections and you will have an author here at the TRT blog for a long, long time…

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Mail Order Testosterone: Legal TRT?

If I had to do it over again, as I said, I’d just contact a mail order compounding pharmacy, get some independent lab tests done, and have a phone consultation with one of their doctors.