Pin Cushion

How Many Injections Will You Take for TRT Over Your Lifetime

When I started testosterone replacement therapy in my early thirties, I didn’t give much thought to how many injections I would be taking over the course of my life. Now at the age of 46, I’ve been sticking myself with needles every week for over a decade — and let me tell you, these shots add up!

You’re going to be a pin cushion. This is especially true if you take multiple injections per week like I do (Testosterone Enanthate twice weekly). One thing that helps is what I call “The Macarena Approach“. For those of you too young to remember the pre-TikTok TikTok dance, watch this. It goes something like this: Left glute, right glute, left delt, right delt, left thigh, right thigh, repeat…

Use the calculator below to figure out how many injections you’ll be taking over the course of your life once you start TRT. The results might surprise you. Just imagine all of the scar tissue that will build up.

Testosterone Injection Calculator

Based on the average lifespan of men in the United States: 76

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