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Final Test Results Are Back: Time to Go Back on TRT

Well I finally got the test results back from when I had my testosterone levels checked last week. Here is what the report says:

Total Testosterone: 254
The range for men from 18-69 years old is 250-1100. So I am 4 points above the lowest level you can have and still be considered in the normal range at the age of 69. I am 33.

I have old man testosterone.Free Testosterone: 46.2
The range for men from 18-69 years old is 35 – 155.

% Free Testosterone: 1.82
The range for men from 18-69 years old is 1.50 – 2.20

And this was on a good day. I just went to the gym and had a great workout the day before, a good night’s rest that evening and was feeling good. I even skipped coffee in the morning.

I felt the worst the last several days than I have in the last few weeks. It’s not getting better so…

I am going to start back on HRT tomorrow. I’ll need to figure out the insurance situation and if I’m going to try HCG-only as HRT for awhile, or the drug Menopur I wrote about awhile back. Or – If I’m just going to give-in and take testosterone as a gel or injections. And if I’m taking gel, will it be Testim or Androgel (depends on what is covered).

Stay tuned for lots more posts about hormone replacement therapy. I’ll have the next 40-60 years to write about it from first-hand experience. I am inclined to start with HCG only and see if I can stay in normal ranges with that and nothing else. I’ve heard it can desensitize the testes over time, but I don’t see that as being an issue since the alternative is to go on permanent TRT anyway.

Menopur is still new to the world of HRT, but some doctors have started prescribing it for secondary hypogonadism. The thing I don’t understand is why they usually combine it with HCG. Can anyone explain that to me?



  1. Dave

    Any thoughts or experience with either DIM supplements or Calcium D-Glucarate supplements to lower estrogen levels (thereby increasing T)?
    Do a search for an article entitled “Estrogen – is this natural hormone slowly killing us?”.
    By the way, have you tracked your estradiol levels throughout this process? If so, what was the measurement?

  2. Thanks Dave,


    I did check my estrogen levels at the beginning and remember that they were in the normal range. I also tried taking Arimidex, Clomid, and Nolvadex at different points. None seemed to help.

    My appointment is in a few hours. I’m going to try and talk the Dr. into prescribing me HCG for a month as a test run and see where I get with just that. I might also try Menopur before finally giving in and going on lifelong testosterone replacement.

    Good luck with your own experiments as well! Let me know if you find something that really works.

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