I hate my job cup.

I Hate My Job and I’m Getting Dumber

I hate my job cup.These are two symptoms of low testosterone, and I have them – BIG TIME!

I’m just not on top of my game when it comes to work these days. I’ve felt like this before, and it was during the months leading up to my diagnoses of secondary hypogonadism. As soon as I started on the Testim Gel I began to get my “mojo” back at work. I started enjoying my job again and I was kicking ass and taking names during meetings.

Now that I’ve been off TRT for awhile I’m getting that way again. I waste my time in front of the computer. I keep my mouth shut during meetings. I don’t take on any added responsibility and if it weren’t for the paycheck I’d quick my job right this second. My memory is terrible and I can’t focus. I actually feel like I’ve lost a few dozen IQ points this month.

So if you have recently started hating your job and feeling dumber, add that as one more likely symptom of low testosterone and talk to your doctor. As for me, I know what my problem is and if it doesn’t get better by next month I’m going back on TRT. I can’t take this much longer.

Good luck to you all.