How Young is Too Young for TRT?

Am I Too Young for HRT? How Early Is Too Early for TRT?

How Young is Too Young for TRT?I am seeing more and more forum posts with people in their mid-twenties to mid-thirties asking about how early is too early to go on permanent HRT. They ask the same questions I’ve asked, including “Am I too young for HRT?” and “What are my other options?”.

The sad thing is that nobody has any answers for them, including myself. I am 33 now. I was on TRT when I was 32. I have secondary hypogonadism. I am not currently taking testosterone replacement because I’m trying all other options first. I’ve tried HCG. I’ve tried natural testosterone boosters like tribulus. I’ve tried cutting off all estrogen using Arimidex. Nothing has worked so far. I am facing the daunting idea of spending 3/4 of my lifetime on permanent testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

The bodybuilding forums are full of people saying they don’t see the problem with it. They think we should all just go on HRT for life and not worry about it. But nobody has done any real long-term (30-40 years) studies on the effects of hormone replacement in men. And being an American citizen, there is the whole healthcare thing to worry about. What if I can’t get healthcare because of it? What if healthcare is too expensive for me to afford because of it? What if I lose my healthcare and suddenly can’t get my testosterone?

I also worry about the psychological effects of knowing that I’m dependent on some drug for my “manhood”. I feel like a skinny, depressed little girlyman right now because I haven’t been on my HRT is several months. It sucks. I’m depressed. My bones hurt. I’ve lost ALL of my muscle. I have no motivation, no sex drive, no energy… my memory is terrible and I’m starting to slack at work, which could have its own consequences. I tell my wife it would be like her being on her period for months straight. So when I go back on HRT I’ll remember how bad this has been for me, and it will make me paranoid that I’ll lose my prescription some day, or for some reason I won’t be able to get testosterone.

If I was 55 or older it wouldn’t be as bad. I wouldn’t be facing TRT for a longer period than I’ve even been alive so far. I would have already had children or will be too old to have them anyway.

Are you young and facing a lifetime of TRT? Are you under 35 and are being told by doctors that you should take testosterone for hormone replacement therapy for the rest of your life? Are you over 40 and have been taking testosterone non-stop for more than 20 years? I want to hear from you. A LOT of people in my situation want to hear from you. Please share in the comments below. How young is too young for TRT?