DIY Testosterone Injection

Getting Back on Track – Testosterone Enanthate Here I Come!

Delatestryl: Testosterone EnanthateAfter a three-month waiting list (I live out in the boonies) I finally got to see the only endocrinologist within 50 miles. We did some blood work that I haven’t gotten back yet, and he said my thyroid was swollen so I have to get a sonogram done on that in a couple of weeks. Those two things aside, we’re going ahead with testosterone replacement therapy and I’m looking forward to getting life back on track again and settling into some kind of rhythm.

While my primary care idiot physician was only prescribing me one 200mg shot of testosterone cypionate every month (fucking moron! Sorry, couldn’t help it.) and made me come into his office for it (so they could charge me $85 and wait an hour to get stuck.) this new endo is prescribing 200mg of testosterone enanthate every other week, and is letting me take it from home. He said if I’d rather take 100mg every week and don’t mind the shots then he’s all for it. I get a three-month supply for under $100 and even that is tax-free since it gets paid out of my health savings account.

He said he wanted to try just the testosterone for six months and then do some blood work. His hope, and mine, is that I can just take the test without any other drugs (estrogen blockers, aromatase inhibitors, HCG…) I know my boys will shrink away without the HCG, but my wife is pregnant now and we were only planning on having one kid. I have some “spares” in the sperm bank just in case.

So that’s that. Hopefully there’ll be no more bitching and whining from me about having to take testosterone for the rest of my life. I’m pretty sure I’ve accepted it, at least for now. You have to understand that the last few months of posts have been while I’m trying to function without much testosterone (hovering around 200 +/-) so if I’ve been acting like a little bitch it’s because I’ve been feeling like one too.

No more. Today I got my first 200mg shot of test in awhile, and will be on TRT regularly. Acceptance is a good thing. I feel good.

I’ll keep posting updates; will let you know if any health issues pop up that other TRT guys should think about. I might even use the TRT dose as a “cruise” does and go up to 500mg per week for a few months out of the year. My HPTA is already all fucked up, so I might as well have the advantage of not crashing out after a cycle. The only immediate problem I can see is how to get my wife’s libido on the same track as mine is going to be. Something tells me that won’t be easy. 😉