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Getting Back on Track – Testosterone Enanthate Here I Come!

Delatestryl: Testosterone EnanthateAfter a three-month waiting list (I live out in the boonies) I finally got to see the only endocrinologist within 50 miles. We did some blood work that I haven’t gotten back yet, and he said my thyroid was swollen so I have to get a sonogram done on that in a couple of weeks. Those two things aside, we’re going ahead with testosterone replacement therapy and I’m looking forward to getting life back on track again and settling into some kind of rhythm.

While my primary care idiot physician was only prescribing me one 200mg shot of testosterone cypionate every month (fucking moron! Sorry, couldn’t help it.) and made me come into his office for it (so they could charge me $85 and wait an hour to get stuck.) this new endo is prescribing 200mg of testosterone enanthate every other week, and is letting me take it from home. He said if I’d rather take 100mg every week and don’t mind the shots then he’s all for it. I get a three-month supply for under $100 and even that is tax-free since it gets paid out of my health savings account.

He said he wanted to try just the testosterone for six months and then do some blood work. His hope, and mine, is that I can just take the test without any other drugs (estrogen blockers, aromatase inhibitors, HCG…) I know my boys will shrink away without the HCG, but my wife is pregnant now and we were only planning on having one kid. I have some “spares” in the sperm bank just in case.

So that’s that. Hopefully there’ll be no more bitching and whining from me about having to take testosterone for the rest of my life. I’m pretty sure I’ve accepted it, at least for now. You have to understand that the last few months of posts have been while I’m trying to function without much testosterone (hovering around 200 +/-) so if I’ve been acting like a little bitch it’s because I’ve been feeling like one too.

No more. Today I got my first 200mg shot of test in awhile, and will be on TRT regularly. Acceptance is a good thing. I feel good.

I’ll keep posting updates; will let you know if any health issues pop up that other TRT guys should think about. I might even use the TRT dose as a “cruise” does and go up to 500mg per week for a few months out of the year. My HPTA is already all fucked up, so I might as well have the advantage of not crashing out after a cycle. The only immediate problem I can see is how to get my wife’s libido on the same track as mine is going to be. Something tells me that won’t be easy. 😉



  1. Ken

    I have known some people to take the 200mg EOW and did fine with it, but most did not..  Especially with Enan and its shorter half life, you start feeling very sluggish..  Try it every 2 weeks for a few months and see how you are feeling around days 11-13..  If it was me, I would do it every 6 days as that is what seems to work the best..  Going off of experience here too bro.. 😀
    I already like that you are wanting to do a cruise then blast..  500mg EW is a great start!  You need ANY help with that, let me know… 😉
    Again, Congrats on the accomplishment and just finding out you are going to have a child and possibly not wanting another is just that much better…
    Here’s the thing tho..  Get on the Enan, stay on the hCG AND get some hMG..  Down the road, you could quite possibly have another child……  I have seen it happen quite a few times….  Even starting the hCG, hMG down the road, still a possibility..
    Even tho I just found this site last night, I am extremely excited for you!  You are going to feel sooo much better in 2 weeks you wont know what to do with yourself..  Just make sure your diet is on key which ‘might’ be tough with a a prego wife and you continue to either workout at the gym or do your cardio at least 4 days a week…
    Again, CONGRATS!

  2. Willis

    I’m 35 years old and have been fighting fatigue, depression, motivation, and focus issues for the last five years. Tried an antidepressant or two from each class to no avail. In all but one case, I got no results. In the one, the results were paradoxical. Provigil and Nuvigil have been good friends but they’ve only helped me approach normal in relation to wakefulness and focus. I still feel like am 90 years old… just 90 and awake. I very recently found out that my total testosterone was at 270 and I got my first shot today. I’ll be following-up with a 1cc shot of 200mg strength testosterone every other week and re-checking my blood levels in 90 days. God, I don’t care if I have to give myself shots the rest of my life or if my balls shrink to the size of peas. I just want to feel halfway normal again. I want to be able to mow my 1/2 acre lot on a given Saturday morning without knowing that it’s all I’ll get done that weekend. I want to be able to focus at work consistently and have hobbies when I get home. I sure hope this works… my next couch will last much longer.

  3. Willis good luck with your treatment. I know I feel MUCH better now that I’ve accepted it for what it is and am taking my shot every week. Keep us posted!

    Mr. T.

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  5. Dave

    I’m starting T Cyp next week. I’m curious about the cruise procedure. Could someone explain what it is and how to do it?

  6. Dave

    I’m going to give Triptorelin a shot. I’ve been on tcyp for 2 months, and am doing well, but I’d love to make my own.

  7. Hello Dave,

    I’ve removed your link. We don’t link out to other sites in our comments. Too much spam, ya know?

    Also, I had a look at the Triptorelin site and have to say I’m not convinced. So there was ONE person in the study? They gave the shot to ONE bodybuilder and he recovered? That’s hardly a scientific assessment of the efficacy of the drug, supplement, whatever… sounds like snake oil to me. Maybe you’re the one selling it?

  8. Ken

    Stay away from Triptorelin for now…  There is NO real data which confirms anything.  A few research chemical sites are selling it however they are paying a few BBuilding site admins to give rave reviews about its effects.  IF it does what it is slated to be, it is a great addition to someone who is totally shut down while incorporating it into their PCT.
    For now, stay away! 🙂

  9. Dave

    No I don’t sell anything. I’m a lifer on TRT unless I find something else. It was one study on one guy, then it got mentioned in the “all things male” forums, run by Dr. Crisler out of Michigan. At some point Crisler had tried the medication (one injection) on one of his patients who participates in the thread I linked. That patient reports over a month now of normal endogenous testosterone production – from that one injection, and no TRT at all. It’s actually very promising news to those of us who are on TRT due to secondary hypo.

    Anyway, thought I’d share. Take it or leave it.

  10. Hello Dave,

    Sorry about comment implying that you were trying to sell something. You wouldn’t believe how many comments I have to delete in a day from people trying to sell this or that. After awhile one gets jaded and just assumes the worst. Again, you have my apologies. But as Ken has also noted, I’m not sure I’d mess with research chemicals like that. I tried clenbuterol for weight loss years back when everyone was talking about how it was the hot new thing and how safe it was. Well I developed two tumors in my thyroid gland and, while I can’t prove that’s what caused it, I do have my suspicions. My advice would be to wait. If it truly is that promising some big pharmaceutical company will pick it up, brand it, push it through the FDA with all their money, and we’ll all be taking it in two to three years.

    I’m a member of All Things Male forums and enjoy the conversations going on there. I even almost contacted Dr. Crisler, but I recall that he was very expensive and didn’t like to deal with health insurance? Maybe I’m thinking of someone else. Either way, thanks for commenting and I hope you’ll come back and share more with us. If you DO end up taking that stuff, we’d love to hear about your experience. But I don’t recommend it – yet. 😉 Good luck!

  11. Michael

    Hey, i’m about to start test e and i was wonder if anyone could tell me if they had good results from it. I doing the test e alone and not stacking it with anything. I will be taking HGC to help keep my balls the same size. I’m just trying to get big and get a six back. I just got off a pill called M1T, and it really helped with my strength. when i started i was benching 265 and after a month i was up to 300. I want to get up to 315 or more if i can. so please anyone just give me some advice. 

    Thank you! 

  12. Hello Michael,

    This site is for people who are on permanent testosterone replacement because our bodies no longer produce enough of their own testosterone. This happens for various reasons, but one of the most common is use and abuse of steroids in the past. Even moderate cycles of 500mg per week with proper PCT can leave you with permanent hypogonadism. If you are an adult you can educate yourself and make your own decisions. I have nothing against people who make a decision to do steroids and I think the law should stay out of it. However, this is not the place to discuss steroid cycles unless it is part of a blast cycle and you are on permanent HRT.

    To answer your question though, I get great results from testosterone enanthate. I can’t really tell the difference between enanthate and cypionate in how I feel or how it works. Both are equally good in my opinion, and I like not having to take shots more than once per week.

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