Two Ways to Save on Testosterone Medication


I started testosterone replacement therapy at age 31 after being diagnosed with secondary hypogonadism. Researching hormone replacement therapy (HRT) with testosterone was difficult because all of the info was for women or bodybuilders. So I decided to create a site for average guys looking into TRT.

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4 Responses

  1. Ken says:

    WOW!  $100 for 200Mg/ Ml 10Ml Vials??  Isn’t that crazy! 
    Option #5, get a bottle of 300mg/ml for $50.  Lasts you 20 weeks…. 😀

  2. Fred says:

    I have a prescription and found a competitive local pharmacy.  I compare every few months to the Costco price and they are about the same.  The 10ml of 200mg/ml vial costs between $65 and $130.  It contains 2000mg and lasts me about 3 months and a week, 1940mg of the 2000mg in the vial.  The rest is difficult to get out of the vial.   So my typical cost per week is about $6 plus syringe cost.  I buy those 100 at a time and a box with separate needles totals about 40 cents per syringe.  A box lasts almost 2 years.

  3. Peter says:

    Another option is testosterone cream.  Androgel costs me like $600 a month, but a compounding pharmacy can make the same thing for a lot less.  I pay a wopping $68 a month, and it works great.

  4. Joey says:

    Has anyone tried Androderm patches?  If so, what has your experience been?  I originally started on the shots (in 1998), later on went to the Androgel, and am back with shots.  I just got tired of the daily process of having to apply the Androgel, however, compared to Testim, I preferred the Androgel over the Testim.  With the shots, I’m on the Enanthate 200 mg/ML, however, I started on the Cypionate (same strength). Been having issues getting my insurance/Dr’s office to work together so that the PA goes through for the patches, but would like to try those.