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ERT Vs TRT: The Great HRT Double Standard

HRT-double-standardWhy is it ok for post-menopausal women to take estrogen, which is known to increase the risk of breast cancer, but it is taboo for men to take testosterone? What is the difference between estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) and testosterone replacement therapy (TRT)? They are both forms of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) designed to return hormone levels to the normal range for someone of a certain age and gender.

Do we care more about creating a “level playing field” in baseball than we do about our own health and wellbeing? The word “steroids” has been victim to so much stereotyping, so many unfounded rumors and quick-science, that the mere mention that you’re taking testosterone sends friends and family members into a panic – as if you’re setting out to destroy your life and become some gigantic freak bodybuilder.

Speaking of gigantic freak bodybuilders, I don’t see anything wrong with that either. If an adult wants to risk their own health to change the way they look, what business is that of federal, state and local governments? Are they going to make plastic surgery illegal? It is essentially the same issue (risking your health to look “better”) with the only difference being that many, MANY more people die, are disfigured permanently, and are permanently disabled due to plastic surgery every year than those who take steroids.

But back to the point at hand… It is a double standard, a downright sickening hypocrisy, that HRT for women is almost universally accepted as “healthcare”, while HRT for men is almost universally rejected as “steroid abuse”. As this website matures I will be further elaborating on this issue, as it is one that happens to be of great interest to me.



  1. Al

    So did you get your hypogonadism under control.  How long did it take and what did you take exactly.  I have taken androgel and ……….you share first.

  2. yeah, what mode of treatment are you using?

  3. Charles

    Years ago I tried breathing from oxygen tank between sets for strength improvement.  Outcome, no improvement.  I tried creatine, no gain.  I tried suma and tribulus, no gain, I’m on chrysin now, no gain.  Yes, I’m not starving myself.  Possibly I haven’t used the right dosage or got bad brands.  HGH releaser made me dangerously hypertensive!  DHEA that used to have no apparent effect, made me half as hypertensive as the HGH releaser.  I’m on deer velvet antler sublingual, so far, no results in strength; same with colostrum.  I’m on 33 day trial with large dose colostrum 2x/day with botanicals, riboflavin & ubiquinol to see if varicose vein patch on leg improves.  I had dream 2 days ago in which it improved; real life exam comes in 19 days.  Modalities of interest include low level laser treatment (used on male area?) or on other tissue needing repair; hyperbaric oxygen; and TA-65.  Columbia University just announced regeneration of natural tooth “in vivo” so who knows what else will become possible only of course, for those with deep enough pockets.  The HRT double standard you cite isn’t something I’ve thought of till now, I am aware of double standards in other areas (bodily integrity and clothing) where males are under 100% discrimination.

  4. Al and Justin – Nope, not under control after about 5 months of trying to do things the natural way. I’m giving it a few more weeks but that’s it. No more. If my test results come back low again I’m going on HRT. It will suck to be “addicted” to a pharmaceutical drug that I have to pay for every month for the rest of my life, but oh well… it’s better than feeling down, lethargic, unable to remember things, unmotivated at work, not having a sex drive and friends telling me I look like I have cancer.

    Stay tuned for updates if/when I go on.

  5. creatine monohydrate vs creatine ethyl ester

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