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Does TRT Improve Sex Drive?

As any guy who has been struggling with low T for a long time will tell you, the difference testosterone makes for your sex drive is profound.

I’m just happy that my mojo is back. Over the years I’ve heard some great stories by people who profess that testosterone replacement has replenished their sex drive, or even saved their marriage. Some used to have problems with ED, while others just couldn’t be bothered to deal with all the foreplay involved after a long day at work and an evening dealing with the kids. But one story I heard recently tops the cake.

The following story was shared with us by one of our readers in a comment on another post, and I decided it was worthy of being included in its own post instead:

It’s been a rough few years. I’ve bought and sold two houses, moved three times, began raising my first child, had a mistaken cancer diagnoses, major surgery to remove my thyroid (due to aforementioned misdiagnosis), and got a divorce. Was it any wonder that I was struggling with depression? Luckily my doctor was smart enough to test my free and total testosterone levels and, as a result, I am now on testosterone replacement.

Within weeks I was feeling so much better about life. Yes, I was still divorced, but that would have happened anyway and I had grown and learned a lot from that relationship. Also, it gave me my son. 🙂

A few months after going on testosterone replacement I met a beautiful woman 15 years younger than me (23 years old). I never thought I’d be in a situation where a girlfriend wanted to have sex more than me, but that is exactly what would have happened without the testosterone.

Life was good, and sex was good. But wait, it gets better…

The idea of a threesome with two women has always been appealing, of course, but I thought of it as something that happens to rock stars, or to a friend of a friend in college. To thirty-something married guys? Fuhgettaboutit.

With a new-found sex-drive and a different frame of mind, my fantasies now revolved around her being pleased as much as possible. What turns me on is her enjoying herself. Lucky for me, to her that means the help of another woman.

We’ve recently joined (SLS) and are just poking around (no pun intended), taking our time, not really going any further than talking about it. Given her reaction at the other profiles though, I think we’re headed in the right direction. I would not have had the drive or confidence to broach the subject had it not been for testosterone replacement. Like most guys my age, I’d have settled for the begrudging monthly conjugal reward.


That story tops every other one I’ve ever heard about testosterone replacement therapy improving a man’s sex drive. Good for him. Good for him…

So, does testosterone replacement improve your sex drive? In short, hell yes! Here are some real studies and news stories that you can trust more than a random anecdotal comment left on a blog: