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A Reply to My Friend Who Asked About Testosterone Therapy

A friend recently found out that I was on testosterone replacement and wanted to ask about the therapy. Here is my reply, which I thought I’d share with others who may want an honest opinion about it.

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Sure we can talk about testosterone replacement any time, but I wouldn’t advise it unless you really need it. Once you start you’re pretty much on for life, which means the literal pain in the ass of giving yourself a shot every week for the rest of your life, and the pain in your wallet of buying an expensive medication every month, and the anxiety of what it will be like if for some reason you ever can’t get it, such as going to jail, not having the money to pay for it, etc… If you can keep from being reliant on a medication you should.

With that disclaimer aside, I try to look on the bright sides: I have a great sex drive (for my age), I keep decent muscle tone, don’t get too fat, have lots of energy and strength, look young for my age and generally feel good.

I like the way it makes me feel, and when I don’t take it I get all skinny and feel as though I am in someone else’s body. As a skinny kid in a family of BIG men I always felt that way, which is probably why I took steroids in college. I got up to 215 lbs of pure muscle back then when me and M were dating. The “abuse” of testosterone (and other anabolic steroids) is what messed up my own natural production, which is why I’m having to take this stuff just to be “normal” 15 years later. These days I just take the amount a normal 25-year-old guy would have, which is more than I “need” being a 37-year-old, but I tell myself I have a 25-year-old girlfriend and it’s still 1/10 of what I was taking back in college – and is prescribed and monitored by my endocrinologist.

In short: I like being on it since I “have” to be on it and want to look on the bright side, but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you need it. And IF you really do need testosterone therapy it will bring positive things to your life because you will be correcting an imbalance. You won’t know if you “need” it until you see an endocrinologist and get your testosterone levels checked. It is not uncommon at all for men of our age to start losing their testosterone production in the same way that women have to take estrogen when they enter menopause. Consider it “Man-opoause”. You know a couple other people who are on it to, I think. It is far more common than people realize.

Let me know if you have any other questions. I hope this helps!



  1. Jmack

    Just wondering if anyone is active on this blog. I’ve been on this site some time ago but couldn’t find it for a while. I’ve been on TRT for 8 years now with ups and downs and have always find these blogs beneficial. It’s funny how many men are on TRT now but you can’t really find good forums for feedback. Hopefully someone will reply…


  2. Hey Jmack, still here but have been super busy on other things. Look for some big updates here soon!

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