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Preparing for Blast-Off – My Blast & Cruise Cutting Cycle

Fat guy in a boat from I mentioned before I’ve been taking 100mg of testosterone enanthate per week for some time now. I think I’m going on six months. At the end of the week before my injection (on the day of my injection, so levels were lowest) my testosterone levels were 502 ng/ml. I’m thinking they probably fluctuate between 500 and 600, possibly even a little higher at times throughout the week. Overall I feel pretty good. Happy, stable, fit… I don’t take HCG because we don’t want to have anymore children and I’m on TRT for life now. My wife likes that I won’t ever have what she calls “saggy old-man balls”.

Most people are afraid of using steroids because of the side-effects, almost all of which are associated with the subsequent shutting-down of their natural testosterone production amidst increased estrogen levels. But since I’m going to be on HRT for life, and since my natural testosterone production is already going to be shut-down, I figure why not make the best of a bad situation and add a blast cycle to my treatment? I gained some weight around my mid-section during the couple of years that I was trying to figure all of this out and get on a treatment that worked and I felt comfortable with. Despite having a good diet and getting plenty of exercise, I can’t seem to get rid of it – although I’ve definitely stopped gaining fat since going on TRT, and have definitely gained muscle. At any rate, I’d like to do a cutting blast cycle to get rid of some of that fat and get back to a bodyfat level that I feel good and healthy about.

Here’s what I’m going to do:
– 200 mg per week of Testosterone Enanthate. That is less than half the dose that most “beginners” take for bodybuilding purposes, but is double the dose I take for TRT purposes. This should be a good compromise that allows me to gain more muscle and lose more fat without risking too much in the way of side effects and that bloated “on cycle” look you see big gym rats get when they’re on a “cycle”. I’ll do this for 10 weeks, then start to taper off until I’m back down to my normal dosage.
– .25 mg Arimedex every day throughout to keep the excess testosterone from aromatizing into estrogen, thus further minimizing the risks of estrogen-related side effects like gynecomastia.
– 50 mg per day of Halodrol for the first six weeks. Halodrol is often called a “designer steroid” and is in sort of a legal grey area right now. Supposedly it converts to Turinabol once in the body. I would rather be taking Stanozolol (brand name Winstrol) instead, but am going to give this product a try since stanozolol would require me to go to the black market, which isn’t something I feel comfortable with. The purpose of either Halodrol / Turinabol or Stanozolol for me is to stack a mildly androgenic, moderately-strong anabolic with testosterone. Again, it will help me lose fat and build lean muscle without bloating me up and with minimal risks of side-effects. It is important not to take either substance for more than 4-6 weeks because they can be harsh on the liver long-term. Also, I’ll drink plenty of water and supplement with liver-aides like milk-thistle to further minimize that risk.

And that’s it. In summary, I’ll be doubling my testosterone dosage for three months, and adding the legal supplement Halodrol for the first six weeks. I’ll also be taking Arimidex to minimize estrogen-related side effects. I’ll be tapering back down to my normal dosage after three months, an adjustment period that will likely take three weeks.

By any bodybuilding standard this would be considered very safe. I have talked with a lot of people who take 200mg per week of testosterone as their normal TRT dosage, and many more who regularly take Arimidex and HCG as part of their normal TRT regimen. Halodrol can be purchased legally without a prescription and is considered to be very mild and safe, yet effective for fat burning.

Important Note: This is obviously going outside the parameters of normal TRT and most doctors would not recommend you “blast and cruise” on testosterone replacement therapy. I am not suggesting you do either. The most important thing for any man suffering from low testosterone levels is to find a treatment that works for him long-term, one which will keep his levels within normal ranges and as steady as possible.