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Two Ways to Save on Testosterone Medication

So I’ve been taking testosterone enanthate for a few weeks now and feel good. I have another appointment with the endo tomorrow that I will update you on, but I’m hoping it checks out....

Testim Vs Androgel

Testim VS Androgel

The two major testosterone gel brands are Testim and Androgel. They are very similar and generally prescribed interchangeably, but sometimes insurance won’t cover one or the other. Often, I hear that they won’t cover Testim and people want to know if Androgel is just as good.

I hate my job cup.

I Hate My Job and I’m Getting Dumber

I’m just not on top of my game when it comes to work these days. I’ve felt like this before, and it was during the months leading up to my diagnoses of secondary hypogonadism. As soon as I started on the Testim Gel I started enjoying my job again and I was kicking ass and taking names during meetings.

Normal Testosterone Levels by Age

Are Your Testosterone Levels Normal? It’s All About How You FEEL.

My second round of testosterone level tests results just came back. The first time I was low again, but this time I am normal. But I don’t FEEL normal, and because I am just barely normal on a scale that goes hundreds of points and is meant for men much older than me.