The End of Hope for Natural Testosterone Production & The Beginning of Lifelong TRT

Between the Testim yesterday and today, and the HCG I’ve been taking – I feel great. I’m not back to normal yet, but I’m getting there and it’s not just placebo.

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Am I Too Young for HRT? How Early Is Too Early for TRT?

Are you young and facing a lifetime of TRT? Are you over 40 and have been taking testosterone non-stop for more than 20 years? I want to hear from you. A LOT of people in my situation want to hear from you. How young is too young for TRT?

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Two Alternatives to TRT for Secondary Hypogonadal Men

If one of the two above alternatives to permanent testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) works for me I’ll let you know, at which point I’ll probably give up the blog. If neither works, I will resign myself to a life of testosterone injections and you will have an author here at the TRT blog for a long, long time…

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Primary Hypogonadism VS Secondary Hypogonadism

Most men who require hormone replacement therapy with testosterone have some form of testicular injury or primary hypogonadism. In other words, the problem is all in their balls. Those of us who have secondary hypogonadism often have perfectly functioning testes, but the problem lies elsewhere in what’s known as the Hypothalamus Pituitary Testicular Axis (HPTA), […]

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