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Normal Testosterone Levels by Age

Are Your Testosterone Levels Normal? It’s All About How You FEEL.

My second round of testosterone level tests results just came back. The first time I was low again, but this time I am normal. But I don’t FEEL normal, and because I am just barely normal on a scale that goes hundreds of points and is meant for men much older than me.

testosterone and depression

Low Testosterone and Depression in Men

The moral of the story here is that if you’re a man over the age of 30 and you are starting to feel depressed, yet have never really been the type to get depressed before, get your testosterone levels checked before committing to treatment with anti-depressants.

Menopur - An alternative to TRT for men with secondary hypogonadism?

Two Alternatives to TRT for Secondary Hypogonadal Men

If one of the two above alternatives to permanent testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) works for me I’ll let you know, at which point I’ll probably give up the blog. If neither works, I will resign myself to a life of testosterone injections and you will have an author here at the TRT blog for a long, long time…