What I Do for TRT Induced High Red Blood Cell Count

Testosterone replacement therapy can increase hemoglobin and hematocrit production beyond normal/safe levels, a condition known clinically as polycythemia. If you are on TRT it is important to be regularly tested for this condition, as it may increase the risk of thrombosis and stroke. Hemoglobin is an iron-containing biomolecule that can bind oxygen, and is responsible […]

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A Reply to My Friend Who Asked About Testosterone Therapy

A friend recently found out that I was on testosterone replacement and wanted to ask about the therapy. Here is my reply, which I thought I’d share with others who may want an honest opinion about it. T, Sure we can talk about testosterone replacement any time, but I wouldn’t advise it unless you really […]

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Stockpiling Testosterone and Thyroid Medications

I’m the type that plans for the worst and hopes for the best. We have a pantry full of canned food from the garden, a gas generator for power outages, and long-term supply of clean drinking water and several first-aid kits throughout the house. That’s why I read this blog, which inspired me to write […]

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How Much Is Gynecomastia Removal Surgery?

Luckily mine isn’t so bad that I would consider gynecomastia removal surgery at this point, but I do get the “sensitive” and “itchy” nipple feeling from time to time and I can feel a pea-sized bit of tissue on the right side. It comes and goes. Sometimes I’ll take some Nolvadex if I happen to […]

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Three Month Update on TRT

I’m not sure exactly how long I’ve been on TRT now, but I think it’s been about three months. I haven’t done the blast-cruise thing because I ran into some other health problems (benign thyroid tumors that my doctor thought “could be” malignant at the time) that took awhile to figure out, and longer to […]

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Two Ways to Save on Testosterone Medication

So I’ve been taking testosterone enanthate for a few weeks now and feel good. I have another appointment with the endo tomorrow that I will update you on, but I’m hoping it checks out. They did an ultrasound on my thyroid because the doctor said it was swollen. I also have some symptoms of hypothydroidism […]

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The End of Hope for Natural Testosterone Production & The Beginning of Lifelong TRT

Between the Testim yesterday and today, and the HCG I’ve been taking – I feel great. I’m not back to normal yet, but I’m getting there and it’s not just placebo.

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Doc Says NO to Self-Administered HCG. Insurance says NO to Menopur and HCG

Sometimes it seems like the healthCARE industry is more like a healthWON’T industry. Why do we always have to color within their lines when everyone’s situation is different? I don’t get it.

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Testim VS Androgel

The two major testosterone gel brands are Testim and Androgel. They are very similar and generally prescribed interchangeably, but sometimes insurance won’t cover one or the other. Often, I hear that they won’t cover Testim and people want to know if Androgel is just as good.

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Final Test Results Are Back: Time to Go Back on TRT

Stay tuned for lots more posts about testosterone replacement therapy. I’ll have the next 40-60 years to write about it from first-hand experience.

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